At the beginning of the new year in 2020, a new corona virus led to the epidemic of pneumonia, which was raging in a surprising speed, and spread rapidly from Wuhan to the whole country. For a while, Wuhan and Hubei Province was in an emergency!The resistance war against the epidemic was launched nationwide.

In the face of the epidemic, “one is prosperous and the other is damaged”. No one can stand by and stay out of the situation. The common “anti epidemic” needs the help of each side. In this comprehensive contest between the treatment of infected patients, the interruption of virus transmission, logistics and transportation support and the epidemic situation, not only a group of people and a city’s “local battle” is needed, but also a “comprehensive war” in which everyone, every region and every industry closely cooperate and fully participate.

The people’s war of epidemic prevention was launched. For everyone, we need to strengthen personal hygiene, constantly improve the awareness of prevention, and have more understanding and cooperation with special means such as in station temperature detection, repeated killing, personnel touch and platoon.

Under the policy leadership of the CPC Central Committee, Jiawang requires employees to wear masks, go out less, avoid crowd gathering, so as to reduce the risk of epidemic transmission and contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Every employee is required to take practical action,  fight the people’s war of epidemic prevention well, so as to truly control the epidemic.

At the same time,we express our sadness to the people who suffer from the epidemic around the whole world.Hope all of us would cover this virus in the near future and everything is going well.Jiawang is always with you and preparing to welcome you back at the any time.Best wishes to all of you.

Post time: Jul-02-2020